Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New toy


Pardon my narcissism.
But I was too excited to test out my new toys (new cammie and hair curler yay!) to hold myself back.  

Can you tell these photos are taken by 3 different IT gadgets? ^^

Basically illustrating:

1) Dinner over wine @ Canopy Bar with Shermz and Jojo, 
2) Dining on a boat experience (Yes! In Singapore!) with Lianyuanyuan, and 
3) Catching up with Sally for you fanboys of her's sakes..... Haha! 

All in all, loving the new cammie to the max! 


And btw girls, I'm open to taking in advertorials again! The last time I blogged right before being hacked, my views were... 2k+/day! 
Do email me @ for more inquiries, rates definitely cheaper than usual now that my blog is newly reinstated again! :> 

Feel free to ask me anything down below. ^^

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello guys. First up!! 
Introducing you girls a newly launched site to shop at, 


Here are my 3 picks from SDS. 

1) Little Black Harness Bralet. 
In one of my favorite color. The details of the harness are super loved. And throw on a sheer outer piece to complete the look! Definitely beating the humid weather in Singapore with this one. 

2) Nastygal Inspired Webbed Dress. 
Also in my favorite color. 
Definitely, every girl needs a LBD in their wardrobe. And I don't see any reason why it can't be this one. With the super gorgeous webbed details, this dress is perfect for every occasion. Dates, partying nights-out, shopping, the LBD does it all! ☺️

3) Boyfriend Denim Jacket. 
The kind owner also threw in an extra pick for me! ❤️ My love for denim is deep and boundless. Denim will never go out of style all seasons. 

4) Sunflowers Lace Insert Dress. 
Colors to my wardrobe, and I'm in love with the dainty lace patterns. Quality is superb as well!
I've 3 bottoms from a particular blog store... And all would shed colors x tear within a few wears. :( 

So like their Facebook page here for a dollar off your purchase!:

And shop away! ^~^

Feel free to drop me any questions down below! :)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hello! *waves*

So ever since getting out of a pretty long-term (4 years) relationship towards the end of 2013...
So for a while, I had decided it was time for me to explore my options. And here was why:

From -

This practically hits on every note of my 'whys' for that period. It sucked to trust someone with a handgun...
Then they freaking upgraded it to bazooka x cannon and shoot you into nothing but a holey Swiss cheese. 

No this isn't putting some emotional block up and being emotionally unbalanced.
 (fine maybe just a tad.) But merely not proactively searching for someone ASAP pronto! to fill the sudden gap, being single... Let you find yourself out of being a couple, and I haven't done that... In 4 years. It's scary exhilarating. For example. At age 21. I tried clubbing for the 1st time. Even tried it flying solo, just me mingling with strangers. 

But I'm deviating out of topic. 

In these couple of months, I've dated pretty extensively to be honest.
 *TILL NOW. I've been mostly working or chilling with friends for awhile now.* Most I find genuinely interesting/nice, a couple here and there just for personal social experiments.

So here are the 8 types of guys I find a turn-off in my previous few months of dating: 

1) Spooning off female dates.

Uh-huh. I don't expect the guy to pay for my crap as friends, I'm self-sufficient enough to pay for my own entertainment.
But what the heck. Don't bloody (try to self-upgrade to something more), spoon off, and come up with some crap like, 'If I'm poor and you despise me, then means when I'm rich you only want me for my money right?' *smiles* WA I SLAP THE BEJESUS OUT OF YOU I TELL YOU. 

a) Yes I understand you'd pay for me voluntarily. But that comes with trying to upgrade from
 'friends' to 'romantic interest'. I'd rather you finish the basic of being capable of paying for yourself first than going for the bling bling trophy and attempting the unattainable. 

 IF you're rich, IF. Rich already then tell me kay. Not like I don't have 2 hands to work for myself. Ugh, no money, then stay home till you earn some. Not shamelessly asks the girl out without a penny to your name and leech. 

2) Privacy Invaders.
'Nuff said. Stupid impolite invasive neck-craners. Turn off.

3) 'Touchy-touchies'.
The types of guys that keep trying to get physical with you. Must touch your hand, must touch your legs, must touch your hair, wah piang the tissue I blew my nose on want anot???

'Can I cuddle with you tonight?' I swear just cuddling. I really want to hold you to sleep tonight.' 

They think I day one know guys............................
 Seriously. 'A' for effort okay.

And here's a trick girls.
What I do is, I have a 'speed dial buddy'. Just a text. No question asked, within 5 minutes he'd call, he can talk nonsense while you act like it's your mum on the other line with an emergency, make weird alien indicative gestures then slip out and make your grand exit.

TA-DA. I'm a genius. You sir, are welcome. 

4) 'Everything-you-do-with-everyone-else-is-not-of-standards. Unless, with me, of course.'
Once, this guy called to ask where I am. 

So I said, 'Oh. Drinking with a girlfriend, catching up at some chill bar. :)'
And he went, *dramatic sighs*, 'Why you at that sort of place.... You want drink I bring you go *inserts some atas hotel rooftop place* ma!'
I raged. Did he even know where the fuck I am exactly? Maybe one jug of beer costs like a gold bar here???? He can take his fancy places and shove it up his ass, thank you very much. 
I wouldn't go anywhere with you even if it's on a giant golden throne atop the pyramids with random people feeding me grapes and wine.

Condescending arrogant pricks. 

5) 'Mr Big-Shots'.
Those that prattles on and on about how much money they are making, how much they make in a single day/transaction on the first date. Put a lid on it. I mean, good for you, you're a financially stable man, it's a plus point, really.
 But hey I can't go on every day wishing in my head you'd shut up. Be.... Humble? Or at least till you know the girl better. 

6) 'The Super Intense'.
Barely 2 weeks, and they are talking of taking care of you for life, bringing you go backpacking, holidays in Paris, Korea, Australia. Oh God, maintain abit.

7) 'Crap Fest'.
The ones that cannot, for the love of Christ, stop mentioning how shitty their exes are at every turn to show how hurt they were before. 
Yes, I understand a little more about you, and I sincerely, empathize. We've all been there.
But brother, not every few minutes you whine lah. :( Not especially when it makes you look so so bitter.

8) 'The Cannot-Hold-His-Alcohol'.
Major, major turn off. I cannot stand seeing a person (I don't know well) being super intoxicated/alcohol -crazed.
Especially guys y'know, being crazy, can't walk straight. His dick just seem to evaporate before my eyes.
Worst is volume level up, acting like barbarians.
Guys and girls all the same, if you cannot hold your liquor well, pace yourself. Don't go lying by the sidewalk, completely senseless........ :(

And tada! Here are my personal points of turn-offs in guys I've dated! What's yours? 

Let me know down below!