Thursday, 25 September 2014

  3 things in a guy's history that's a deal-breaker for me

Beside the obvious, like murder, raping; or the more understated warning signs like addiction to pornography or simply a lack of motivation to do something in life...

These are 3... More uncustomary deal-breakers for me. Yes, those that belonged in the past. 

1) Engaging in the services of prostitutes. 

If you ever paid for sex. That's a deal-breaker right there. 

 It may be one of the oldest trade of times. But it's despicable.
And I'm sure alot of girls out there with backbones think the same.

You're essentially paying meager money for a used, nightly multiply-plunged-in, dirty hole with no love for you.
I'm not even sure if she actually likes you as a person.

You might as well dip your dick in a train tunnel slicked with slime and STDs sua, equivalent of the same effect.  

To pay for prostitutes reflects that your mentality towards women are fucked too, you will never be capable of viewing women in a healthy way.  It's demeaning to buy sex and to act on the thought that women 'can be bought'. (I mean ya la, they can. But I label them dogs actually.) 

Got no game to pick up random girls, with that added bit of dimensional challenge? Wussies.

2) Abusive past relationships history.

When a guy I'm dating, tells me about the colorful past of all his strings of ex-es coupled with suicide stories, or involving physical fights with knifes or ever floor fans.. Basically grabbing anything that would hurt.
That's it. The expiration date is stamped right across his forehead.
 Today lor.

The scary thing about dating is - You either get married, or break up. 

A girl is not about to, and shouldn't waste her youth thinking. 'I can fix him,' or 'His ex-girlfriend is a loser, I''m different.'
*rolls eyes* okay. Don't let yourself settle for that.

3) A strings of relationships/ONS with nightlife entertainment's 'performers'.   

I don't really care about the nationality. Siam, Korean, Vietnam, Singaporean.
 If a guy goes to siam tius, easily wrap his arms around one, woo by displaying his fearsomeness in terms of 'flower hanging'.. To me you're an idiot leh.
And.. Super sub-standard in terms of girls-standard. 

Imagine, in the future should there be quarrels, or rough times (of course there will be), it's normal to run the town with your friends to blow off steam.

But such a guy can easily turn to these places and get physical, 'in the heat of the moment', hand-holding, hugs, and kisses with the thai/vietnam/korean/singaporean girls there. It's not new practice or hard to attain for them anyway. Trust me, I've seen it happening with attached guys.

 What is 'standards'????
I just need to hold a hot piece of foreign ass and convince myself it's 'affection' man, totally not bought over by flowers, my patronage, or buying of shots.

These girls working there can easily come their way with abit of flower wreaths persuasion that cost what, $20 onwards?

Do you want to entertain the possibilities of that? I'd personally rather not. I'd rather date a guy already with the very basic standards and principles than wait for it to mold overnight. 

And that was an interesting general guideline. Haha!

Anything, ask away down below!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

New toy


Pardon my narcissism.
But I was too excited to test out my new toys (new cammie and hair curler yay!) to hold myself back.  

Can you tell these photos are taken by 3 different IT gadgets? ^^

Basically illustrating:

1) Dinner over wine @ Canopy Bar with Shermz and Jojo, 
2) Dining on a boat experience (Yes! In Singapore!) with Lianyuanyuan, and 
3) Catching up with Sally for you fanboys of her's sakes..... Haha! 

All in all, loving the new cammie to the max! 


Feel free to ask me anything down below. ^^

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello guys. First up!! 
Introducing you girls a newly launched site to shop at, 


Here are my 3 picks from SDS. 

1) Little Black Harness Bralet. 
In one of my favorite color. The details of the harness are super loved. And throw on a sheer outer piece to complete the look! Definitely beating the humid weather in Singapore with this one. 

2) Nastygal Inspired Webbed Dress. 
Also in my favorite color. 
Definitely, every girl needs a LBD in their wardrobe. And I don't see any reason why it can't be this one. With the super gorgeous webbed details, this dress is perfect for every occasion. Dates, partying nights-out, shopping, the LBD does it all! ☺️

3) Boyfriend Denim Jacket. 
The kind owner also threw in an extra pick for me! ❤️ My love for denim is deep and boundless. Denim will never go out of style all seasons. 

4) Sunflowers Lace Insert Dress. 
Colors to my wardrobe, and I'm in love with the dainty lace patterns. Quality is superb as well!
I've 3 bottoms from a particular blog store... And all would shed colors x tear within a few wears. :( 

So like their Facebook page here for a dollar off your purchase!:

And shop away! ^~^

Feel free to drop me any questions down below! :)